If you just read the words "Lift Up" and don't need to read any further, reserve your ticket here.  If you want to know why Lift Up Lunch exists, read on......

Stop a minute.  Look up from what you are doing.  Look around.  Breathe.  You can’t?  Why not? Too busy?  Too frantic?  Too everything?

How many of us just have our heads down, trying our hardest to juggle the extreme demands that are placed on us? 

Too many. 

How many of us are trying to be a professional, a spouse, a parent, a friend, a volunteer, a cook, a bottle washer, a maid, a health nut all at the same crazy time?

Too many.

How many of us get told “wow, you are doing a phenomenal job?”

Not enough.

That needs to change.  We all need to stop, breathe, listen, and receive. Only then, can we wholeheartedly give to this life we call our own.

And so in answer to this need, Lift Up Lunch has been conceived - a community of love, humor and support for the over-burdened, the over-worked, the over-everything generation. A series of gatherings where there is no competition, where there are no agendas, no politics, no judgment, just a chance to feel the beauty in connection, in humanity, to share our stories, and to deeply feel that we are not alone.

Let's help each other live a more livable life. Let’s see if we can make it grow.  Let’s see if we can create our very own ripple effect of lightness.

And let’s do this over lunch.

Because for goodness sake, we don’t have time for anything else.