Lift Up Lunch is a rare opportunity for those who juggle way too much in life to take 90 minutes out of their day to come eat, come talk, come laugh and

March 2017 Lift Up Lunch

We invite you all to be speakers at our next Lift Up Lunch.  In the last year especially, humanity has taken a beating. Politics, fear, ego and mud-slinging have eclipsed compassion, empathy and love. Lift Up Lunch allows us to be in the presence of and be present with the simplicity of human connection, in its most real and pure form. There will be no judgment, only the chance to break down any walls and just be.

If you want to come alone, we invite you to do that.  There will be plenty of people there to help lift you up. If you want to bring a friend, please do - we invite you to bring something beautiful to say about them.

August 2016 Lift Up Lunch Speaker

Lisa Arie

We weren't originally going to have a speaker for this lunch, but that changed when Emily was telling Lisa Arie, her dear friend, mentor, and guide, about Lift Up Lunch on the phone.  A simple "I wish you could be with us" was met with a "I would love to be there."

Really?! Wow. Because Lisa Arie is wow.

The seed for Lift Up Lunch was sown inside Emily's mind when she turned 40 and spent three days in Colorado with Lisa and Jess Arie and ten horses on their ranch, Vista Caballo.  Lisa walked away from two multi-million dollar companies in NYC to create a life in Colorado with Jess that is focused on "transforming those who transform the world." They do this by immersing their clients in the world of horses.  Being prey animals, horses read us just as they do the rest of the environment. For exactly who we are in that moment.  They are an instant biofeedback system that you can't lie about - or to. The three-day retreat was extraordinary. It changed Emily's thought processes and allowed herself to reimagine her world and what is possible.  It also gave Emily the unequivocal goal to provide a space for people to recognize their own self-worth and to be acknowledged for the gifts they bring to the world from a place of authenticity and love: the real "why" behind Lift Up Lunch.

Lisa puts people in touch with their entire being. Once you are in the same room with her, the head no longer operates separately from the heart - and for those of us who are in a constant state of juggling, that is a dream.  She has keynoted across the world: World Innovation Convention, Aspen Institute, Columbia University, Berkeley to name but a few.  Emily didn't think she would be able to be with us for Lift Up Lunch, but then Emily asked, and in asking Lisa said "yes." The chain of events fits perfectly with the August theme: EACH OTHER.  

Whilst Lisa will be with us, we also encourage people to share stories about each other.   We find inspiration in the small things; in being our real, authentic selves; and in celebrating the fact we have just got through another day.

You may know someone who has been on an incredible journey, who gives of themselves selflessly, or who just simply helps bring you joy.  The person on that journey may be you or it may be the barista who makes you smile every day.  If you would like to share one, send us a note - we would love to hear it.


January 2016 Lift Up Lunch Speaker

As the idea of Lift Up Lunch was being formed, this article in Dallas Child was published, and so we set out to find Ms. Litman to see if she would join us in January. Within hours, she said "yes".  We think that's pretty serendipitous..... 

Malia Litman

Growing up in the '60s with three brothers, Malia Litman learned skills essential to survival in a man's world. As a Registered Nurse she learned to take orders from men. As a college instructor of Business Law she learned to compete with men. As a Senior Litigation Partner at Thompson & Knight in Dallas she earned the respect and admiration of men. When she became a stay-at-home mother she experienced the elation, the embarrassment, and exhaustion of being "just a mom." Now that her children are grown, Malia has evolved into a political blogger with over 4.5 million views. She is a woman's advocate, a philanthropist, in-house-counsel, author of three books, and Diplomate of the American Institute of Stress.

Malia suffers from M.S., an autoimmune disease more common in women than men and exacerbated by stress; yet Malia has found her Happily Ever After. Her hope is that the Evolution of the Feminine Mystique will provide an assist to every woman searching for theirs.